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Explore the new Silk Route - rail cargo service between China and Europe.

Did you know that rail cargo is twice as fast as sea freight and three times cheaper than air freight? This is one of the biggest advantages offered by the new Silk route, emerging to be a popular trade gateway between Europe and China. The transit time between
Europe and China is only 14 days.

Eliron Logistics has already gained significant experience in transporting shipments on this route. The new Silk Route is gaining momentum and offers many new opportunities for companies trading between Europe and China.

We understand that transporting your precious cargo on a new route can raise a lot of doubts in your mind. Your questions about its security, safety, and speed are valid. However, the good news is that we have it all covered. Eliron logistics offers real-time visibility to all our cargoes transported on the New Silk Route.

Tracking the trade on Belt
and Road

Take a look at our real-time
shipment tracking video presentation.


Our fully-integrated logistics service and international supply chain solutions are offered by combining the functions of China domestics transportation, China domestics transportation and new Silk Route rail services and distribution in Europe.

Our service is complete and provides end-to-end visibility for the new Silk Route shipments.

Schedule and transit time:
We offer weekly departures at different schedules of LCL and FCL from
Wuhan and Zhengzhou to Hamburg.

Pricing and Rates:
Our pricing policy is transparent and simple. We always offer you an all-inclusive price from doorstep to delivery. This includes all handling, forwarding and documentation charges. All we need is a pick-up address, delivery address and dimensions of the shipment.



Rail transport is almost three times cheaper than air freight. The cost of air freight is around 3 EUR / kg compared to the average rail cargo cost of EUR 1 / kg.



For your shipment, we offer a fair, all-inclusive freight price. Our price includes all handling cost, and we do not charge additional forwarding charges.



Cost-effectiveness and agility are vital in e-commerce. Rail transport is both a fast and an inexpensive mode of transport. Our service is excellent for fast-moving e-commerce products!



Door to door transit time from Europe to China is on average 22 – 24 days. It's twice as fast as compared to sea freight and half the price compared to air freight.


To calculate the transport offer, we need the following: pick-up and delivery address, freight dimensions, weight and type of packaging, and information on whether the goods can be loaded.

We always offer total all-in- freight rate. Our rate including export clearance in China and terminal handling charges and delivery to consignee door in Europe. Only import customs clearance, customs duties and taxes will be invoices additionally.

We need shippers contact information. Our China office will establish contact with shipper and verify the pick up address, pick-up time and confirms the export documents ( invoice and packing list ) for export clearance proses.

Our China office will send the tracking device to shipper in advance and activate the tracking once shipment is ready. Customer will received the tracking link of shipment to his email.

When the goods are ready, we will pick up a shipment by road cargo service terminal in China. The consignment will be cleared for export and loaded into the container train heading to Europe.

Your shipment will arrive in Europe about three weeks after the train has started. Our cargo tracking service will make it easy for you to follow. We will notify you on the arrival of your shipment via an arrival notice, and we will ensure the delivery address and the information required for import clearance.


Rail transport from China, saving the climate.


The C02 emissions from rail transport are about 8 times lower than the air cargo!

By choosing a more eco-friendly mode of transport to replace air cargo,
you can join us in preventing the ill effects of climate change.

China Rail Express adopts an ecological method to transport shipments from Europe to China in 20 days.

Kuljetukset rautateitse Kiinasta Suomeen


" Business with China Rail Express has always been easy and smooth. Our sensitive instruments have arrived safely. The cranks of crates previously imported at air freight were cut off. It's also convenient to combine and consolidate shipments from different vendors. “


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